Pedestrian Fence on rent for the President’s Event

Barricades for president

Action Barricade is focused on creating safe environments for big events, such as any Presidential Events. We can recommended the proper safety equipment based on what event you have. We can also focus on traffic control outside any large events. We provide anything from road barricades, to traffic control signs, and message boards.

Having the proper tools and equipment at your next event will increase cooperation from drivers and pedestrians. And to insure that the equipment is reliable and safe, we research all of our products to guarantee you the most efficient event tools. In order to create the most controlled event environments, it requires a reliable and knowledgeable company to provide, set up, or sell you the right barricades. action barricades

For more information on how to buy or rent the best event barricades, you can visit us at: Action Barricade, LLC

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Traffic Control Devices | A History Lesson

As we drive through the many streets, highways and freeways that make up Arizona’s roadways, we will often find ourselves faced with one traffic control device, after another.  The variations of the traffic control equipment on the roadways today – as many of you have already noticed – are immense.

However, these devices don’t go without their fair share of history, nor did they arrive without their fair share of challenges. Many manufactures began developing traffic control devices and signs shortly after the arrival of the first-ever automobile; over 100 years ago.  These devices are on our roadways, not to frustrate us unnecessarily, but rather to insure we meet our destination safely.

Now for Some Interesting Facts

Road Surface Markings – The first road surface marking in history was a center line that was painted in Michigan in 1911.  Road surface markings provide guidance and information to both drivers and pedestrians.  Today road surface markings can be mechanical, non-mechanical or temporary.

Traffic Signals – Manually controlled traffic lights became commonplace, when in 1914, the state of Cleveland hung electric lights across its roadways that lit up the words “stop” and “go”.  The 3-color traffic signals that we commonly use today, however, weren’t installed until 1920 in Detroit.

Stop Signs – With the arrival of 1915, the state of Detroit saw the installation of the very first “stop” sign, which at the time had black lettering written across a white background.  In 1922, the increased use of this signage led to the development of the octagon shape that we are all familiar with.

Road Symbol Signs – We gradually started seeing the installation of road symbol signs within the 1960’s.  These signs commonly depict road conditions, speed limits, U.S. highway route numbers and other travel information for drivers.  As more and road symbol signs were adopted and installed, we saw fewer navigational problems.

Today, we now have more traffic control devices than ever before including; devices that monitor traffic such as traffic cams, solar-powered message boards that tell us how many minutes we can expect to spend on the road before we meet our destination, and road barricades that keep us from going in a direction we shouldn’t.  For more information, please contact Action Barricade.

Featured Product: Water-Filled Triton Barrier®

The Triton Barrier® is one of our most popular barriers, especially in circumstances where they are needed for longitudinal re-directives.  Since it is a highly portable, water filled barrier it is ideally used in emergency situations or when space is limited.  This product can currently be seen being utilized in the City of Scottsdale.  For more information, please contact Action Barricade Company LLC. at (602) 288-6350.

The Triton Barrier® consist of a number of interlocking 6.5 foot barrier sections, which have been designed with durability in mind – as it is made from polyethylene plastic and internal steel framework.  Its performance is unlike no other, and has been tested to exceed the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 350 TL-2 at 45 miles per hour (mph) criteria.

Key Design Features:

  • Sections are capable of absorbing harsh impacts from collisions without penetrating into pedestrian or roadway work crew areas.
  • Deployment is relatively fast and easy due to its lightweight design.  In as little as an hour three workers can deploy up to 650 feet of product.  No cranes required.
  • Its modular design allows workers to deploy it in varied lengths; regardless of whether the area the product is being applied is straight or curved.
  • The Triton Barrier® is certified as its own end treatment, which means it will save you time deploying it and expense from unnecessarily needing hardware.
  • It is built on steel tension cable and can connect from barrier to barrier in order to create a single continuous barrier.
  • If you would like to attach it to a roadway guardrail or concrete barrier, transition hardware is also available for purchase or to rent.
  • It is a cost-effective alternative for portable concrete barriers
  • The Triton Barrier® can easily be upgraded to meet NCHRP 350 TL-3 criteria.  No external rails are required for certification.

Flagger Training on Call

If you are searching for classes that will prepare you for your flagging exam, Action Barricade Co. offers classes that will provide flaggers with the core knowledge information necessary to do so.  It is necessary to understand the proper utilization of traffic control equipment in order to enforce safe traffic control practices.  Action Barricade Co. offers a Flagger Training Course so get in contact with us as soon as possible.

To begin with we have a few guidelines from the Flagger Control Booklet found at the DOT website

General Qualifications for a Flagger:

A. Sense of Responsibility for the safety of the public and the workers

B. Adequate training in safe temporary traffic control practices

C. Average Intelligence

D. Good physical condition, including sight, mobility and hearing.

E. Mental Alertness and the ability to react in an emergency

F. Courteous but firm manner

G. Neat appearance


If you would like to apply for our Flagger Training program, again, visit our Flagger Training Contact Form

Flagger Training Program

Flagger Training ProgramBecome A Registered Flagger Today!!

Working in the field of traffic control, it is important to have core knowledge about traffic control practices. As a Registered Flagger, it is important to recognize dangerous traffic situations, stand for extended time periods, and know that physical activities are demanded.

Action Barricade Co. provides a training program that will leave you with the core knowledge, information, and necessary awareness to conduct your job efficiently while utilizing traffic control equipment!!

Sign up today by filling out a form to begin our Flagger Training Program or give us a call at (602) 288-6350.

New Year’s Eve | Event Barricades and Traffic Control Services

New Year’s Eve is approaching, and there are plenty of events going on in and around the Phoenix area. There are also plenty of websites to go to in order to help build your itinerary.

If you’re planning a party, it’s important to keep everyone around safe with the appropriate traffic signs and traffic control equipment.

Renting traffic control equipment is a great option for a one-time event. Another option includes purchasing pre-owned traffic control equipment.

Whatever your event may be, big or small, you’ll want to consult with an experienced professional in order to understand the types of traffic control equipment you will need and how to appropriately operate them efficiently.

Fortunately, Action Barricade Co. has everything you will need!