Featured Product: Water-Filled Triton Barrier®

The Triton Barrier® is one of our most popular barriers, especially in circumstances where they are needed for longitudinal re-directives.  Since it is a highly portable, water filled barrier it is ideally used in emergency situations or when space is limited.  This product can currently be seen being utilized in the City of Scottsdale.  For more information, please contact Action Barricade Company LLC. at (602) 288-6350.

The Triton Barrier® consist of a number of interlocking 6.5 foot barrier sections, which have been designed with durability in mind – as it is made from polyethylene plastic and internal steel framework.  Its performance is unlike no other, and has been tested to exceed the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) 350 TL-2 at 45 miles per hour (mph) criteria.

Key Design Features:

  • Sections are capable of absorbing harsh impacts from collisions without penetrating into pedestrian or roadway work crew areas.
  • Deployment is relatively fast and easy due to its lightweight design.  In as little as an hour three workers can deploy up to 650 feet of product.  No cranes required.
  • Its modular design allows workers to deploy it in varied lengths; regardless of whether the area the product is being applied is straight or curved.
  • The Triton Barrier® is certified as its own end treatment, which means it will save you time deploying it and expense from unnecessarily needing hardware.
  • It is built on steel tension cable and can connect from barrier to barrier in order to create a single continuous barrier.
  • If you would like to attach it to a roadway guardrail or concrete barrier, transition hardware is also available for purchase or to rent.
  • It is a cost-effective alternative for portable concrete barriers
  • The Triton Barrier® can easily be upgraded to meet NCHRP 350 TL-3 criteria.  No external rails are required for certification.

Construction Industry: Vocabulary

There are many words within the construction industry that are crucial to know, if you plan on being in the field or already are. Here are a few vocabulary words of terms that are not usually heard everyday, by those not in the construction industry.

Bagasse – low-density fiberboard made of wood fibers or sugar cane residue

Backdraft – burning of heated gaseous products of combustion when oxygen is introduced into an environment whose oxygen supply has depleted due to fire, often occurs with explosive force

Axial Load – a load that passes through the centroid of a section under construction and is perpendicular to the plane of the section

Atria – a large open space within a structure connecting two or more floors

Ashlar Masonry – stone cut in rectangular units

Arched Truss – a truss with an arched upper chord and a straight bottom chord, with vertical hangers between the two chords.

If you would like to study more vocabulary words, visit Quizlet.com for up to 219 Construction Vocabulary words!

Weather Never Stops Us Phoenicians!!

As the weather warms up here in Phoenix, it’s as if this is also the time for the construction industry to get to work. Driving around downtown Phoenix, you will see multiple construction sites with construction workers working hard in the heat. What you will find here in Phoenix is that the heat does not stop the work needing to be done.

Many times, you are left with sweaty and hardworking men and women, who are determined to get their job done, just as anyone in an office or restaurant would. Regardless of the season, when it is time to work, that is exactly what happens.

Action Barricade understands this work ethic and we are always ready to help supply you and your company with the materials and traffic control devices to get the job done. We carry all kinds of traffic control signs, construction barricades, and even light towers, for those jobs that run through the night. We will even help recommend you the appropriate set-up of traffic control equipment for the specific needs of the project.

There is constantly work to be done, even though the hot Summers of Phoenix, but the project is completed each time with the right equipment and strong working team.

Traffic Control Art…


Lately, the Phoenix area appears to be going through many renovations, as there are traffic control signs directing the drivers away from roadwork, in many busy intersections.  For those of us who have a driver’s license, we are well aware that we must know the meaning of each Traffic Control Equipment that is setup. Yet, there are those who have a creative way of using Traffic Control Equipment to make things a bit more exciting. There are many “traffic control art” out and around the city. So, we challenge the readers to find more of these artistic and amusing signs that people have put together with approval.

Here is our submission—>  Action Barricade Submission:

This is the “traffic barrel monster”. He was created by a North Carolina student a few years ago.  The student was able to create this giant monster out of traffic barrels.

Send us your fun and interesting pictures of artistic displays of traffic control equipment, we’d love to share them on our blog!!

Importance of Traffic Control Devices

Traffic Violation

Every day, most people need to be at work, school, or even outside for a morning jog. For those who drive, following the driving law in your state is always crucial to getting to your destination without any violations or accidents. Over the years, the fines for traffic violations have gone up in hopes of encouraging drivers to be aware while driving. As encouraging as it may be, many licensed drivers still continue to receive a variety of tickets, all categorized under traffic violations.

Traffic Control Device

One tip to avoid a traffic ticket is simply to be aware of ALL traffic control devices. These traffic control devices are there to protect each and every driver, as well as, any employees working on a construction site near the roads. Failure to do so, will cost anywhere from $184 to $224 in the City of Phoenix, and a ticket that will affect your driving record. The violation code for this ticket is 28-644A1 and is called, “Disobeying Traffic Control Device”.

As easy as it sounds, many people fail to follow the traffic control devices. Knowing to avoid any distractions while driving, and paying attention to each traffic control device, will surely keep you out of trouble with your state’s driving laws. As for car accidents, that is a different story. Stay distraction free, keep your eyes out for those traffic control devices, and KNOW what each signs means, and get to your destination safely, and ticket free!!

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Flagger Training Program

Flagger Training ProgramBecome A Registered Flagger Today!!

Working in the field of traffic control, it is important to have core knowledge about traffic control practices. As a Registered Flagger, it is important to recognize dangerous traffic situations, stand for extended time periods, and know that physical activities are demanded.

Action Barricade Co. provides a training program that will leave you with the core knowledge, information, and necessary awareness to conduct your job efficiently while utilizing traffic control equipment!!

Sign up today by filling out a form to begin our Flagger Training Program or give us a call at (602) 288-6350.

Traffic Safety Barricades

Traffic Safety Barricades

Traffic Safety Barricades

Traffic safety barricades have those orange and white stripes for a reason. These stripes indicate which direction traffic is expected to pass on. In order to meet the requirements stated in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the alternating orange and white stripes slope down in the expected direction drivers should adhere to. For example a right traffic safety barricades would be situated on the right side and the orange and white stripes would slope upwards, whereas a left barricade would assume the position on the left hand side and the orange and white stripes would slope downward.

Action Barricade Co. not only provides traffic safety barricades, but we also provide other traffic control equipment as well as traffic control services!