4th of July Block Party Advice

Pie eating contests, old-fashioned sack races, water balloon wars, grilled foods, cotton candy, combined with fun music alongside an assemblage of red, white and blue – this celebration sounds like an absolute blast – and everything that an amazing 4th of July block party should have.

Because a 4th of July block party is just a tad bit different than that of a backyard barbecue, it will require a more specialized approach, one that involves a group of people (neighbor’s, perhaps?).  This will keep you from overburdening yourself with all of the necessary planning requirements.

Planning Your 4th of July Block Party

Begin planning your 4th of July block party by having a meeting with your planning committee to discuss the party’s date, theme, budget and venue.  Determining the date is extremely important considering that the 4th of July this year falls on a Friday.

Keep good records of your planning, including a list of who is doing what and who is bringing what.  This way there will be no confusion, and hopefully no chaos, the day of the party.  The equipment and supplies that you will need to purchase, rent or borrow include the following:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Decorations
  • Fireworks (Check with your city’s ordinances regarding the legality of fireworks.  Some allow certain kinds while others strictly prohibit them.)
  • Music
  • Picnic Tables (or for a cheap alternative – throw blankets)
  • Games for the Kiddos

A traditional 4th of the July block party takes place in the middle of the street, with both ends barricaded for safety. Neighbors often wheel their grills out and set up in front of their homes so that guests can wander up and down the street (you got to get a little exercise) to mingle and fill their plates.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!!



Traffic Control Devices | A History Lesson

As we drive through the many streets, highways and freeways that make up Arizona’s roadways, we will often find ourselves faced with one traffic control device, after another.  The variations of the traffic control equipment on the roadways today – as many of you have already noticed – are immense.

However, these devices don’t go without their fair share of history, nor did they arrive without their fair share of challenges. Many manufactures began developing traffic control devices and signs shortly after the arrival of the first-ever automobile; over 100 years ago.  These devices are on our roadways, not to frustrate us unnecessarily, but rather to insure we meet our destination safely.

Now for Some Interesting Facts

Road Surface Markings – The first road surface marking in history was a center line that was painted in Michigan in 1911.  Road surface markings provide guidance and information to both drivers and pedestrians.  Today road surface markings can be mechanical, non-mechanical or temporary.

Traffic Signals – Manually controlled traffic lights became commonplace, when in 1914, the state of Cleveland hung electric lights across its roadways that lit up the words “stop” and “go”.  The 3-color traffic signals that we commonly use today, however, weren’t installed until 1920 in Detroit.

Stop Signs – With the arrival of 1915, the state of Detroit saw the installation of the very first “stop” sign, which at the time had black lettering written across a white background.  In 1922, the increased use of this signage led to the development of the octagon shape that we are all familiar with.

Road Symbol Signs – We gradually started seeing the installation of road symbol signs within the 1960’s.  These signs commonly depict road conditions, speed limits, U.S. highway route numbers and other travel information for drivers.  As more and road symbol signs were adopted and installed, we saw fewer navigational problems.

Today, we now have more traffic control devices than ever before including; devices that monitor traffic such as traffic cams, solar-powered message boards that tell us how many minutes we can expect to spend on the road before we meet our destination, and road barricades that keep us from going in a direction we shouldn’t.  For more information, please contact Action Barricade.

Traffic Control Equipment Rentals

Controlling traffic in the busy streets of Phoenix – whether for an event, block party, race or vehicular traffic – is typically never the easiest task one wants to undertake.  Ever have more traffic than you know what to do with?  Ever wished there was an easier way to control it?  Action Barricade Company LLC can provide you with the means necessary to control traffic no matter what your particular needs may be.

As our name suggests, Action Barricade is a company that gives our clients’ the ability to control the city’s traffic, by simply providing them with the finest quality traffic control equipment.  This equipment includes barricades, movable cones, movable speed bumps, signs, message boards and so much more.  Best of all, we have offices in both Phoenix, and Flagstaff!

Are you in the midst of planning a block party?  Use your judgment on which lanes to open and avoid any safety issues with our temporary lighting and barricade equipment.  No matter what your traffic control needs, you can count on us not only to provide you with the equipment you need, but to ensure you’re provided with a strategic plan outlining the city’s specific traffic control requirements.

Start your traffic controlling career in the Valley of the Sun and watch the traffic zoom right on by with our comprehensive flagger training program.  This program will provide you with all of the information you need in order to conduct your job efficiently and without harm while properly utilizing traffic control equipment.  If you’re ready to start the path to an exciting career, contact us today at (602) 288-6350.

In addition to our promise of delivering the highest quality equipment, we strive to do so at some of the best rates in town, in order to ensure you receive the best bang for your buck.  We work with contractors, utility companies, state and local governmental agencies, the department of transportation, the railroad industry, commercial business owners as well as residential home owners.

Traffic Control Art…


Lately, the Phoenix area appears to be going through many renovations, as there are traffic control signs directing the drivers away from roadwork, in many busy intersections.  For those of us who have a driver’s license, we are well aware that we must know the meaning of each Traffic Control Equipment that is setup. Yet, there are those who have a creative way of using Traffic Control Equipment to make things a bit more exciting. There are many “traffic control art” out and around the city. So, we challenge the readers to find more of these artistic and amusing signs that people have put together with approval.

Here is our submission—>  Action Barricade Submission:

This is the “traffic barrel monster”. He was created by a North Carolina student a few years ago.  The student was able to create this giant monster out of traffic barrels.

Send us your fun and interesting pictures of artistic displays of traffic control equipment, we’d love to share them on our blog!!

Importance of Traffic Control Devices

Traffic Violation

Every day, most people need to be at work, school, or even outside for a morning jog. For those who drive, following the driving law in your state is always crucial to getting to your destination without any violations or accidents. Over the years, the fines for traffic violations have gone up in hopes of encouraging drivers to be aware while driving. As encouraging as it may be, many licensed drivers still continue to receive a variety of tickets, all categorized under traffic violations.

Traffic Control Device

One tip to avoid a traffic ticket is simply to be aware of ALL traffic control devices. These traffic control devices are there to protect each and every driver, as well as, any employees working on a construction site near the roads. Failure to do so, will cost anywhere from $184 to $224 in the City of Phoenix, and a ticket that will affect your driving record. The violation code for this ticket is 28-644A1 and is called, “Disobeying Traffic Control Device”.

As easy as it sounds, many people fail to follow the traffic control devices. Knowing to avoid any distractions while driving, and paying attention to each traffic control device, will surely keep you out of trouble with your state’s driving laws. As for car accidents, that is a different story. Stay distraction free, keep your eyes out for those traffic control devices, and KNOW what each signs means, and get to your destination safely, and ticket free!!

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Safety Barricades

safety barricadeIn today’s world there is an increase in population and a lot of rapid industrialization which benefit from safety barricades. Due to the industrialization you will see plenty of areas where construction work is going on full stream. This construction work is typically performed by laborers working as daily wagers. While they are performing construction work the laborers are at great risk of injuries which can at times even be life threatening. Many construction sites even pose a threat to the general public dependent upon the location. Safety barricades are utilized to help prevent these injuries from happening.

Traffic Safety Barricades

Traffic Safety Barricades

Traffic Safety Barricades

Traffic safety barricades have those orange and white stripes for a reason. These stripes indicate which direction traffic is expected to pass on. In order to meet the requirements stated in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, the alternating orange and white stripes slope down in the expected direction drivers should adhere to. For example a right traffic safety barricades would be situated on the right side and the orange and white stripes would slope upwards, whereas a left barricade would assume the position on the left hand side and the orange and white stripes would slope downward.

Action Barricade Co. not only provides traffic safety barricades, but we also provide other traffic control equipment as well as traffic control services!