Traffic Control Art…


Lately, the Phoenix area appears to be going through many renovations, as there are traffic control signs directing the drivers away from roadwork, in many busy intersections.  For those of us who have a driver’s license, we are well aware that we must know the meaning of each Traffic Control Equipment that is setup. Yet, there are those who have a creative way of using Traffic Control Equipment to make things a bit more exciting. There are many “traffic control art” out and around the city. So, we challenge the readers to find more of these artistic and amusing signs that people have put together with approval.

Here is our submission—>  Action Barricade Submission:

This is the “traffic barrel monster”. He was created by a North Carolina student a few years ago.  The student was able to create this giant monster out of traffic barrels.

Send us your fun and interesting pictures of artistic displays of traffic control equipment, we’d love to share them on our blog!!