Your Guide to the Best Block Party

block party

There’s nothing quite like summer. The food, the parties, the pool and lakes, and the long nights. Even on days where temperatures hover above 110-degrees, you’ll find us Arizonians outside, soaking up the sun (with lots of H20 of course). Summertime is one of the best times of years for getting outside and spending time with friends.

Why not use this time to have a summer block party? Hosting a summer block party can be a great way to get the whole neighborhood together for some summertime fun. If you’re thinking about planning a summer block party, or already have one in the works, these tips will guarantee an amazing and safe event.

The Logistics

Enlist Some Help

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of your friends, family or the neighbors you DO know. Block parties are not a one person show. Assign each person a job, such as getting the permit (if applicable), sending out invitations, creating a food signup sheet, etc. Sign Up Genius is a great resource.


Invite all your friends, family, and neighbors to your block party using this awesome invitation idea (found on Pinterest). You’ll need cute desert size paper plates, a stapler or glue, a hole puncher, and some rubber bands. Once you’re done creating your invitations, simply hang them on the doors of people you wish to invite.

Name Tags

Since you might be meeting some new neighbors during this event (which is part of the point), you’ll want to provide name tags for all the attendees to wear. Blank name tags will suffice but make sure to provide enough markers to go around. Set up a table with plenty of name tags and markers.

Safety First

Because outdoor events don’t offer the same controlled environment as indoor events, it’s important to take everyone’s safety into consideration, when planning your block party. Block off the street with plenty of barricades and set up ample lighting (don’t just rely on street lights).

Summer Block Party Food Ideas


One of the easiest, and most cost effective, summer block party food ideas is a potluck! Ask each of your attendees to bring main dishes, desserts, sides, etc. so you have food for everyone. If planning a barbeque, ask each attendee to bring a package of hot dogs, or hamburgers along with buns.


Nothing says summer like a barbeque. Have a few neighbors or close friends bring grills (you’ll need more than one or two) and then set up an eating area around them. Don’t have access to full-size grills? Consider picking up a few portable grills. You can find portable grills that take either charcoal or propane.

Food Set Up

Set up various food stations such as: condiments and snacks, main courses, and deserts. Depending on your theme, you can use clean, plastic sand pails with shovels to put chips and candy in. These also work great for utensils. An inflatable pool is perfect for displaying your beverage offerings.

Party Décor and Game Ideas

Hang a Banner

Start the party off right by hanging a banner welcoming everyone to the block party. Be sure to hang it somewhere will everyone will see it. If you don’t have a banner, grab a chalkboard and some chalk, and use your imagination. Set one or two chalkboards up at the entrance to your street.


The next step is to ensure you decorate with style. You can make simple beach ball garland using a little paint, Styrofoam balls, and string. Get the tutorial here (found on Pinterest). You can also decorate with plastic tablecloths from the dollar store. Don’t forget to make a DIY photo booth with props.


Tic Tac Toe Frisbee is always a favorite. Simply draw a Tic Tac board on the sidewalk or street using chalk and use Frisbees marked with an X or O. You can also create a jumbo Jenga game using 54 2 by 4s cut into 10.5” pieces. Be sure to sand the sides to avoid splinters. Also consider having a raffle with summer themed prizes.


To Rent or Purchase Barricades? That is the Question!

One of the best features about living in Phoenix, Arizona is all of the amazing festivals, events, and street parties that go on within the city’s limits all year long.  People from all walks of life travel from both near and far to see some of the city’s annual events including Comic Con, FBR Open, Fiesta Bowl, Barrett-Jackson Antique Auto Auction and so many more it would make your head spin.

As a barricade equipment rental company, we at Action Barricade are often asked whether or not our client’s should rent or purchase barricades for their next big event or street party, which we always answer by explaining to them that they should appropriately weigh all of the options available to them.

This is something we are always more than happy to help our clients explore which is why we are dedicating this weeks’ blog to exploring the pros and cons of whether you should rent or purchase barricades.  We hope this information will help you make the most informed decision regarding your available options.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Barricades

The biggest pro for renting barricades is that our professional installers will deliver and install all of the equipment you requested per your exact specifications in the minimalist of time.  Once your scheduled event is over we will promptly arrive to pick up the equipment.  All of the equipment within our portfolio has been designed to meet strict reliability and safety requirements.

The cost of renting barricades can sometimes tends to land on the con side of the fence.   However, we make renting barricades easier on your budget, by ensuring our rental prices remain affordable.  We won’t push you into renting more equipment than you’ll need.  This will enable you to save more money on the cost of your rental; no matter the length of your rental period; whether it be days, weeks or months.

The Pros and Cons of Purchasing Barricades

One of the most common reasons why our event coordinator clients’ prefer to purchase barricades is to save money.  However, this is only recommended for those that plan the same events, in the same location year after year.  If you have the money, and space, up front to invest in the purchase of barricades then by all means go right ahead.

Wait, we mentioned space, right?  Yep, we most certainly did!  If you don’t have the space to store this type of equipment at your location, or you only host an event a handful of times per year, then you may want to reconsider renting barricades rather than purchasing them.  Remember this equipment will require considerable space and that renting a storage locker will only increase your expense.