Construction Industry: Vocabulary

There are many words within the construction industry that are crucial to know, if you plan on being in the field or already are. Here are a few vocabulary words of terms that are not usually heard everyday, by those not in the construction industry.

Bagasse – low-density fiberboard made of wood fibers or sugar cane residue

Backdraft – burning of heated gaseous products of combustion when oxygen is introduced into an environment whose oxygen supply has depleted due to fire, often occurs with explosive force

Axial Load – a load that passes through the centroid of a section under construction and is perpendicular to the plane of the section

Atria – a large open space within a structure connecting two or more floors

Ashlar Masonry – stone cut in rectangular units

Arched Truss – a truss with an arched upper chord and a straight bottom chord, with vertical hangers between the two chords.

If you would like to study more vocabulary words, visit for up to 219 Construction Vocabulary words!


After Months of Waiting, A New Paving Project is in Effect

Members of Navajo Nation, the Arizona Department of Transportation, and other agencies are celebrating the paving project of Navajo Route 20, after months of planning and negotiation. Funding has already been made and this route has already begun its paving project. This road will be completed and paved by August 15, 2013, only 3 more months of waiting after the initial landslide on February 20th, 2013. This was only two months after Jan Brewer had issued a Declaration of Emergency, which assisted ADOT in receiving reimbursement from the Federal Highway Administration for the necessary repairs on US 89, as stated in the blog post from Asphalt Paving & Supply below:

“On March 1st, 2013, Jan Brewer issued a Declaration of Emergency due to the landslide. This declaration will assist ADOT with receiving reimbursement from the Federal Highway Administration for the necessary repairs on US 89. In fact, ADOT requested $35 million as their initial estimate for the damages and repairs. In an article by ADOT, ADOT Director John Halikowski stated, “This federal aid will allow us to repair the damaged US 89 roadway and restore mobility to the region by providing a safe route for drivers after this geological event made this route impassable,” and continued on to say, “There is not a quick and easy process to fix the highway because there are a great deal of engineering and geological issues to consider. It is important to figure out what has happened because that will help guide us in what the ultimate repair will be.”

Since then, this estimate of $35 million in federal emergency funds has been awarded and we can even expect repairs to start by the end of this month. On top of that, the State Transportation Board has even approved funding for a shorter US 89 detour. The Navajo tribal road will now serve as a temporary US 89 route once the paving is complete. Although, the geological investigation is still going on, as this is a crucial step in understanding how to prevent further damages like this one on US 89.”… Click Here to read more!

There was an initial detour route was US160 to US 98, but this proved to be timely because this is an additional 45 miles of driving compared to the US 89. This was the reasoning for finding other options of commuting. Many residents are happy with the new Navajo Route 20, even if it means waiting an additional 3 months.

Weather Never Stops Us Phoenicians!!

As the weather warms up here in Phoenix, it’s as if this is also the time for the construction industry to get to work. Driving around downtown Phoenix, you will see multiple construction sites with construction workers working hard in the heat. What you will find here in Phoenix is that the heat does not stop the work needing to be done.

Many times, you are left with sweaty and hardworking men and women, who are determined to get their job done, just as anyone in an office or restaurant would. Regardless of the season, when it is time to work, that is exactly what happens.

Action Barricade understands this work ethic and we are always ready to help supply you and your company with the materials and traffic control devices to get the job done. We carry all kinds of traffic control signs, construction barricades, and even light towers, for those jobs that run through the night. We will even help recommend you the appropriate set-up of traffic control equipment for the specific needs of the project.

There is constantly work to be done, even though the hot Summers of Phoenix, but the project is completed each time with the right equipment and strong working team.