Traffic Barricades: A Reliable Lifesaver

safety barricade, traffic barricadesTraffic barricades are a reliable lifesaver. By controlling traffic, or keeping traffic safe from steep cliffs, they save lives. Whether it’s rounding a corner slower or slowing down in a construction zone, driver often realize that when barricades are present, they need to show caution.

When barricades are present on Arizona’s roadways, specifically those with flashing lights, drivers know that there is something – road construction, pedestrians, events, etc. – there that they need to be on the watch for. When drivers slow down in these situations it additionally saves them money.

Traffic Barricade Applications

With over 200 events and tourist attractions taking place each year throughout the Phoenix Metropolitan area, traffic barricades and lights are often used to direct traffic, as well as to block vehicular and pedestrian access to certain areas. This includes blocking off entire streets.

Barricades are also often used to block people from entering a crime, fire or natural disaster zone in order to avoid compromising the area’s integrity. When a movie or commercial is being filmed, barricades are used to deter pedestrians’ from walking on set unauthorized.

The most popular application for barricades includes roadway construction and road safety zones (think Highway 87 with all its steep turns and cliffs). The main purpose of barricades in these types of situations is to keep drivers and workers from accidentally becoming injured.

Using Traffic Barricades

When safety is paramount, and you need to direct pedestrian or vehicles away from certain designated areas, barricades are extremely useful. Most model barricades are lightweight enough that they can be easily maneuvered and installed from site to site.

Due to their resourcefulness they are additionally cost-effective – you can literally use them time and again for many different applications. You can rent or purchase barricades that meet all of your specifications. For more information, or to rent/purchase barricades, be sure to contact Action Barricade LLC.


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