4th of July Block Party Advice

Pie eating contests, old-fashioned sack races, water balloon wars, grilled foods, cotton candy, combined with fun music alongside an assemblage of red, white and blue – this celebration sounds like an absolute blast – and everything that an amazing 4th of July block party should have.

Because a 4th of July block party is just a tad bit different than that of a backyard barbecue, it will require a more specialized approach, one that involves a group of people (neighbor’s, perhaps?).  This will keep you from overburdening yourself with all of the necessary planning requirements.

Planning Your 4th of July Block Party

Begin planning your 4th of July block party by having a meeting with your planning committee to discuss the party’s date, theme, budget and venue.  Determining the date is extremely important considering that the 4th of July this year falls on a Friday.

Keep good records of your planning, including a list of who is doing what and who is bringing what.  This way there will be no confusion, and hopefully no chaos, the day of the party.  The equipment and supplies that you will need to purchase, rent or borrow include the following:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Decorations
  • Fireworks (Check with your city’s ordinances regarding the legality of fireworks.  Some allow certain kinds while others strictly prohibit them.)
  • Music
  • Picnic Tables (or for a cheap alternative – throw blankets)
  • Games for the Kiddos

A traditional 4th of the July block party takes place in the middle of the street, with both ends barricaded for safety. Neighbors often wheel their grills out and set up in front of their homes so that guests can wander up and down the street (you got to get a little exercise) to mingle and fill their plates.

Have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!!



Summer 2014 is Here – Let the Fun Begin

In the summer, life is different…


With warm weather upon us, free wind blowing through our hair and the water beckoning us, who really wants to be cooped up inside?  Get outside and let the fun begin!

Summer is the best time for creating and hosting outdoor events such as movie nights under the stars, lake parties (which are my all-time favorite) and much, much more.

The tricky part, however, is that outdoor events don’t offer the same controlled environment as indoor events do, and causes you to be out in the heat for an extended period of time.

To avoid major mishaps, and heat exhaustion, you will want to ensure you’re properly equipped with a few beneficial tips on the best and safest ways to have fun in the sun.

Safety is Paramount

If your event is going to be mostly or entirely outdoors, it pays to remember that you and your guest’s safety is paramount, to ensuring your events success.

You will want to take into consideration the temperature for that day and provide air conditioning, fans and plenty of shaded areas (shade canopies work great and are fairly inexpensive to rent or purchase).

You will also want to be prepared with plenty of sunscreen (trust me when I say SPF 50 or higher) and water for any activities you and your guests may be partaking in.

Lighting Sets the Mood

Nobody and I do repeat, nobody, likes attending a darkened event – that is unless, of course, you’re hosting a movie night under the stars type of event.

For other types of events that may be taking place in the evening, artificial lighting strategically place throughout the venue, is essential to ensuring your event’s success.

With warm weather – which averages at 105° – and longer days, now is the best time to take full advantage of the life that awaits you during summer while having fun in the sun.

Just remember to be safe!