Flagger Training on Call

If you are searching for classes that will prepare you for your flagging exam, Action Barricade Co. offers classes that will provide flaggers with the core knowledge information necessary to do so.  It is necessary to understand the proper utilization of traffic control equipment in order to enforce safe traffic control practices.  Action Barricade Co. offers a Flagger Training Course so get in contact with us as soon as possible.

To begin with we have a few guidelines from the Flagger Control Booklet found at the DOT website

General Qualifications for a Flagger:

A. Sense of Responsibility for the safety of the public and the workers

B. Adequate training in safe temporary traffic control practices

C. Average Intelligence

D. Good physical condition, including sight, mobility and hearing.

E. Mental Alertness and the ability to react in an emergency

F. Courteous but firm manner

G. Neat appearance


If you would like to apply for our Flagger Training program, again, visit our Flagger Training Contact Form


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