Flagger Training Program

Flagger Training ProgramBecome A Registered Flagger Today!!

Working in the field of traffic control, it is important to have core knowledge about traffic control practices. As a Registered Flagger, it is important to recognize dangerous traffic situations, stand for extended time periods, and know that physical activities are demanded.

Action Barricade Co. provides a training program that will leave you with the core knowledge, information, and necessary awareness to conduct your job efficiently while utilizing traffic control equipment!!

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Safety Barricades

safety barricadeIn today’s world there is an increase in population and a lot of rapid industrialization which benefit from safety barricades. Due to the industrialization you will see plenty of areas where construction work is going on full stream. This construction work is typically performed by laborers working as daily wagers. While they are performing construction work the laborers are at great risk of injuries which can at times even be life threatening. Many construction sites even pose a threat to the general public dependent upon the location. Safety barricades are utilized to help prevent these injuries from happening.